In 1906, a scientist named Dr. Franklin opened a funeral service in his home in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He was a scientist by trade, but to him, the thought of reviving the dead had always fascinated him. He set out to make his experiments come true with the opening of the funeral home as a disguise to use the recently deceased cadavers as experimental test subjects. The public knew nothing of what his intentions actually were, assuming the deceased were given a proper burial. Little did they know, he was performing acts of the unspeakable by trying to revive the dead back to life with a serum he had created. The Doctor held his experiments in the basement of the funeral home for nearly 10 years and some say he actually succeeded in his efforts of reanimating dead flesh. The Doctor passed away but the body vanished mysteriously in 1916 before he was buried, so the funeral home was condemned... The building has been boarded up ever since, as rumors of the Doctor and the living cadavers still inhabit the home.. It is rumored the doctor injected himself with the serum to gain eternal life before he died, but legend has it he is still alive and has been seen through the windows of the home when the moonlight casts upon it on October nights.
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