The Haunted History of Insanitarium Asylum-

In October 1861, The Insanitarium Asylum first opened its doors to the disturbed and violent patients referred to as the "criminally insane." Originally opened as a clinic to help these patients, the archaic treatments used within the asylum actually made them worse. The sadistic methods used to subdue the violent and psychotic patients such as electroshock therapy, hotboxes, cruel restraints, tranquilizer chairs, needle treatments and even lobotomies were the normal means of treatment in the past. In 1951, the already brutal history of the Insanitarium Asylum worsened when Dr. Blud Bath, a medical student that was rejected from practicing medicine due to his extremely morbid curiosities, was accepted to the Asylum as the Chief of Staff due to his extensive knowledge in the field of abnormal psychology. Unbeknownst to the staff at the asylum, were the horrors that were to take place for the next seven years of his term as the asylumís director. Dr. Bath lived out his dark fantasies by performing deranged experiments on his violent patients. His methods included extreme torture such as shock therapy, macabre dentistry, organ and brain transplant experimentation, and live dissections or vivisections, that more often than not, led to fatal consequences. Some bodies were cremated inside the facility's morgue, but most were buried behind the facility grounds in shallow, unmarked graves (currently the site of the Wicked Woods Attraction).

On Oct 13, 1958, a horrible tragedy took place within the asylum's cold walls. Thirty-nine bodies were found that day mercilessly slaughtered, including the staff and many patients. Because of this disturbing event, the asylum was immediately shut down, and soon after condemned. No one had survived to account for what had happened, or why it happened. Dr. Bath and 27 remaining patients and staff have been missing since that day, and their whereabouts have never been known. Legend has it that on nights in October, you can see faint lights moving around inside and there have been multiple reports of strange noises and screams echoing through its hallways.
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