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                                           ---WHEN'S THE BEST NIGHT TO ATTEND?---
                The shortest lines are on the first two Weekends in October. Fridays are definitely the best nights to avoid lines. Attending earlier in the season also minimizes your wait greatly. Attending the attractions early for the night will also help you avoid a possible longer line.
                                                   ---DOES WICKED WOODS DONATE?---
                                          Yes, Every year Wicked Woods has contributed to orginizations such as the Greater Fredericksburg Alzheimers Assc, Spotsylvania Fire Dept, Fredericksburg SPCA, A Cat's Friend Rescue, The Grace Oughton's Kids with Cancer Foundation, Relay For Life Cancer Society, N.C. Autism Foundation, Spirit for Children, The Equipment Connection,Susan G. Komen Cancer Fund, ARDATI K9 Rescue, Friends Of Homeless Animals to name a few.
                                                ---WHAT IS THE FUNERAL HOME?
A BRAND NEW ATTRACTION FOR 2015 NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!! 1906 Dr. Franklin started a funeral home in Spotsylvania, legend has it the deceased may actually still be alive and inhabiting its decrepit walls.. join us as the old funeral home opens it's doors to the public for the very first time in 2015!
                                           ---WHAT IS THE HAUNTED ASYLUM?---
INSANITARIUM is the second horror attraction at Wicked Woods.It is an intense journey inside a vintage insane asylum where horror lurks at every corner. Doctor Bath is looking for more victims for his experiments..will you make it out in 1 piece? The Doctor is in........
                                  ---SO THERE'S MULTIPLE ATTRACTIONS HERE?---
                                Yes! 3 high-quality haunted attractions for only 23$...
                                                  --- IS THERE A HAYRIDE??---
NO! Some of the other local attractions have hayrides such as the family-friendly Belvedere Plantation. We are NOT the haunted attraction with a Hayride, and never will be!
                             ---WILL I HAVE TO CLIMB, SLIDE OR GET ON MY KNEES?----
Absolutely not. The haunted grounds of Wicked Woods does have a few parts of the trail that are a little bit steep and sometimes narrow, so please be prepared. There are handrails in parts of the trail. There are also some dark buildings to escape...However, we will not make you climb or crawl! You will experience fog, strobes, loud noises, uneven terrain at times and much more. We do not recommend you enter if you have any health issues, bad knees or back, or are pregnant.
                                    ---WILL THE MONSTERS TOUCH OR GRAB ME?---
No one will intentionally grab you. Of course, in the darker areas, something may accidentally bump into you. Get over it. It's all in good fun. But,you may be grabbed by one of the members of your own group who is too terrified to continue without your help. Anyone who reacts in a violent way will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ---DID YOUR PRICE DROP?---
YES!! We understand times are tough these days and we want to offer a lower price than previous years to give people the opportunity to come have a good time at Wicked Woods and save money. With a combo pass, you will get to experience 3 awesome attractions and save $6 per ticket over buying the individual attractions seperately at only $23. Keep an eye out at local stores at limited times for coupons like at the 208 Variety store/Shell to save you even more money! Also,When you buy online you can save money by purchasing group discounted rates.

                                           ---DO YOU HAVE INTERNET ACCESS HERE?---
It depends on your carrier, Verizon and Straight-Talk seem to work good, as others do not. We currently do not offer free wifi, but may in the future!
                              ---DO YOU CHANGE YOUR SCENES AROUND EVERY YEAR?---
Yes! Every year the crew at Wicked Woods works year-round to provide you with new scenes, different scares, new animatronics, characters and different rooms. Each year you will always see something new, different and unexpected! Here at Wicked Woods we want to give you new, fresh haunted experiences and our crew works around the clock to deliver the best in haunted entertainment! We Guarantee each year you will see different things than the previous years!
                                                     ---HOW DO I GET THERE?---
We are located just outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia in Spotsylvania County near Lake Anna (Thornburg exit off 95). Go to our detailed directions for maps and more information. We are located just before Lake Anna Winery and Lake Anna State Park, turn left at the Shell / 208 Variety Store and follow signs.Check our Die-rections page for more info.
                                         ---CAN I BRING MY KIDS TO WICKED WOODS?---
Wicked Woods is an intense and a dark and very scary experience and is not at all recommended for small children. We create an intense environment with in your face scares, effects and props designed to disturb and startle all who enter. Use your own discretion if you choose to allow your children to enter. If you want to bring children younger than 12 to Wicked Woods, be advised we will not be held responsible for nightmares!!! We are scary entertainment geared for teens and up. However, we have had a few reports from our monsters that have seen older people cry and kids laugh.
                                                        ---ARE THERE AGE LIMITS?---
Again, Wicked Woods is not recommended for ages under 12. However, we have had younger, but it depends on the person and what they can handle. WE WILL NOT ALLOW CHILDREN UNDER 5- this is an intense haunted attraction and is not intended for anyone that young! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

                          ---HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO EXPERIENCE WICKED WOODS?---
Most people plan to spend an average of an hour on non-busy nights to experience all 3 haunts, and 1-3 hours depending on crowds, the size of your group, and waiting times. On Saturdays, our busiest nights, plan on spending more time.
                                                               ---WHERE DO I PARK?---
After you turn off Massey road into Wicked Woods Haunted Forest, please follow the parking directions. Our staff will direct you to the closest parking space possible. Parking is free.
                                  ---CAN I BRING MY VIDEOCAMERA OR REGULAR CAMERA?---
NO photography or video is allowed inside Wicked Woods. If you are inside taking photos, you will be escorted out. Pictures outside the woods are fine,and our monsters always like ending up on Facebook, but taking pictures inside are not permitted.

Our policy is ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. If you did not make it in the door, then your ticket will still be good for a pass on another night when you are ready for your demise **AS LONG AS YOUR BRACELET HAS NOT BEEN MARKED!!!** You are warned in advance this attraction is not for chickens!
                                  ---DOES WICKED WOODS HAVE A SECURITY TEAM?--- Yes, the park is patrolled by REAL uniformed and undercover Sheriff Officers and Security personnel. Wicked Woods has a Zero Tolerance policy for trouble makers.Trouble makers will be ejected from the premises without refund and can be prosecuted. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time! Spotsylvania police frequently patrol the parking lot area.

Yes this is true, cast and crew have appeared in several horror films such as Deadlands 2, Our Days Are Numbered, and Curse Of The Hunted (available soon on dvd). Also, Wicked Woods makes and produces props and masks for movies and other haunted attractions! Addy Miller of THE WALKING DEAD has made a guest appearance Oct 19 and 20 of 2012 and The Walking Dead's Jeremy Ambler appeared Oct 11 & 12, 2013!